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Erika Jazmin Ibarra-Garibay

Erika Jazmin Ibarra-Garibay

  • Graduate Research Assistant
  • EEOB GSO Treasurer
  • ADA Treasurer
  • Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology
Erika is currently pursuing her degree in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology master’s program under Dr. Amy L. Toth where she studies the thermal tolerance of bumble bees in North and South America. Such studies would provide needed knowledge concerning the bee species’ ability to resist climate change. She typically employs thermal infrared cameras to capture specifics concerning bumble bees' re-warming after exposure to cold weather. Her other project focuses on monitoring the overall population health of endangered bumble bees, namely Bombus affinis and Bombus pensylvanicus. This project would hopefully provide habitat management and conservation strategies to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service agency.