John Nason

Professor and Chair
Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology
John Nason

A unifying theme in my research is the use of molecular data to investigate of the factors influencing gene flow (or lack thereof) and their impacts on the structuring of genetic variation in plants and associated insects over a broad range of temporal and spatial scales. Recent and ongoing areas of research in the Nason Lab include coevolutionary interactions between figs (genus Ficus) and associated pollinating (mutualist) and non-pollinating (antagonistic) fig wasps; the evolution of host race formation and cryptic speciation in plant-feeding insects; the evolution of fine-scale spatial genetic structure in plants; the evolution of population genetic and phylogeographic structure in plants and associated insects; conservation genetics; invasive species biology; and graphical population genetics.

Area of Expertise: 
Evolutionary Biology
Plant-insect Interactions
Population Genetics
339 Bessey, 2200 Osborn Dr