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Letters of Recommendation

Q: How will my recommenders be notified?

A: After you submit your application, your recommenders will receive an email notification from the Office of Admissions with instructions for submitting their recommendation through the application system.

Q: Where should letters of recommendation be sent?

A: Letters of recommendation should be submitted through the application system. Recommenders should not send letters directly to the program.


Q: Where should institutions send electronic transcripts?


Q: Why won't the application system accept my electronic transcript?

A: Electronic transcripts can't be uploaded directly as the electronic signature is encrypted. You will need to print a copy, scan it, and then upload.

Q: Are official transcripts required?

A: Official transcripts are required by the university upon admission. However, unofficial transcripts will be accepted for program review purposes.


Q: Do you require the general GRE score in order to be considered for admission?

A: No. The GRE score is no longer required by the EEB program.